Welcome to PYO Chai, a blend of the vibrant essence of South Asian heritage with the lively spirit of Taiwanese bubble tea culture. Born from a passion for traditional tea and the rich flavors of our roots, we’ve grown from a cozy corner shop into a beloved community name, celebrating every new store opening with the PYO family. Our journey, spiced with innovation and community spirit, has turned challenges into milestones as we've introduced the world to our unique concept.

With each piece of apparel, we’re not just draping you in fabric, but in stories steeped in the traditions of India, the aromatic spices of Pakistan, and the distinctive tea culture of Taiwan. Our designs transcend mere fashion—they narrate the tale of PYO Chai's multicultural journey. Beyond just a brand, we dream of a future where each PYO Chai is a hub for connection and a celebration of diversity, with our core values—authenticity, unity, and tradition—at the forefront of every creation.

The heart of PYO Chai beats with our team’s shared passion for creating welcoming spaces for all, from the founders to our enthusiastic Bobaristas who serve each cup with joy. As we continue to spread our wings, we invite you to become part of our story, to join in the warmth of our gatherings, and to experience how a simple piece of clothing—or a cup of tea—can bring us all closer. At PYO Chai, every interaction is more than a transaction—it's a shared moment, a cherished memory, a piece of our family extended to you.

Welcome to PYO Chai, where every thread, like everycup, tells a story.